Funds required to ensure Memorial names are not lost forever.

Proudly on display at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, in York, is a memorial for the former pupils from Bedern National School who served in World War I. This Role of Honor is an important piece of history as it tells the story of a lost, mostly poor, community and whether the pupils died, became injured or were Prisoners of War.

The school is now long gone, and the memorial now rightfully sits in Holy Trinity as its nearest church. The names of the pupils are in black ink and are still legible, however, the red ink used to annotate the document is faded and requires urgent conservation work. This is unfortunately a common occurrence with dye-based colours as they often fade faster and are subject to greater levels of damage from light and humidity. If no action is taken, this information will be lost forever, and the purpose of the memorial will be seriously undermined.

Emphasising the alarming speed of its depletion, CCT plan on using photographs of the memorial taken in 2013 to accurately conserve the information that has since become questionable. To support this, ultraviolet or infrared photography will be used to reveal greater detail. Once the memorial has been restored to its former glory, it will be re-hung in a condition-controlled frame.

CCT aim to have this work completed in time for the 106th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice this November. However, it is estimated that this work will cost just shy of £1,800.

We are therefore making a plea for support to enable us to conserve these Boards so that they can continue to be used to remember this community for many generations to come.

You can donate on our website here, or by calling the Fundraising team on 0800 206 1463. Thank you for your consideration.

For further information about the project, or to find out how to get involved, please contact the Site Coordinate for Holy Trinity, Gemma Murray, on